Custom Cabinet Manufacturing

We provide a wide range of exquisite cabinetry that combines wood and artistry—from traditional, modern to transitional and minimalist styles.

At Prime Tech Cabinets, we strive to give you the personal treatment you deserve to suit the needs for any room in your home. Our staff is happy to accommodate your special vision or provide you with design ideas that will match your personal style while also accommodating the functionality you need.


Nearly 30 years of experience in
providing solutions for beautiful and
unique custom-made cabinetry.


We take pride in updating our craft
as the times change, expanding
our styles to suit modern sensibilities.


Our production team manufactures, delivers
and installs on schedule so your project
is finished when you need it done.

Knowledgeable Team

Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through a variety of design, material, color and style options and provide you with a friendly, hassle-free experience that will bring the best in quality artistry to your home. Before we proceed with installation, we will invite you to walk through and see a physical mockup of your final cabinet design.

You meet with our expert designers as they guide you through a variety of design, material, color and style options.
The project is designed and a blueprint is drafted along with perspective drawings so you have a good idea of how your space will look.
Once approved, your cabinets are manufactured and assembled in our state-of-the-art facilities.
You are invited to our facilities to walk-through a mock-up of your project in its planned configuration.
Cabinets are delivered to your property where our experienced team of installers finalize your unique vision.
Enjoy your beautiful custom-made cabinets!

Tell us about your project

Product Details

  • Cabinets are built locally on-site. They are not subbed out or imported.
  • We specialize in “Frame-less” cabinets, a European style that conceals the box-frame of the cabinet, providing a clean, uninterrupted aesthetic.
  • The cabinets are constructed with dowels and glue for a structurally strong, well-built box.
  • The Euro hinges are hidden inside the cabinet box, which provides a very small space between doors and also drawers.
years of experience
units completed
cabinets manufactured per day
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Construction Details


Box Construction

  • 58” sides, backs top and bottom panels
  • Dowel and glue construction
  • 34” Thick shelving material
  • Adjustable shelves

Interior Options

  • White Melamine
  • Maple Melamine
  • Plywood / UV
  • Plywood / Matching Interior

Drawer Box Options

  • White Metabox
  • Vinyl – glued and pin-nailed
  • Plywood UV- edge banded
  • Solid Wood – dovetail jointed
  • Stainless steel box.

Drawer Runner Options

  • Standard Nylon wheels with metal tracks
  • Side-mount full extension
  • Under-mount self-closing


  • Standard – fully-concealed European
  • Soft-closing European
  • Self-closing European

Interior Cabinet Box Options

  • Posts – Fluted, Carved, Shaker
  •  Furniture Legs – Classic, Traditional, Modern
  •  Corbels & On-lays – Plain to ornately carved
  •  Curved/Radius doors & cabinets
  •  Arches – Toe-kick and Upper Detail areas
  •  French Lite Glass Doors
  •  Art Glass – Patterned, Etched, Leaded
  •  Carved Designs – Surface, Inlaid, Sculpted
  •  Laser Designs – Wood Glass, Stone (Granite/Marble)
  •  Applied Moldings, Mantles, Wainscot Paneling.

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